Addiction Therapy in Skokie, IL


At Behavioral Services Center we strive to provide quality Substance Abuse Treatment in Chicago, IL, to all individuals suffering from; alcoholism, drug addiction, and other addictions by bridging the gap between decades of research and treatment practices. We cater our rehab services to the individual based on many variables to get a fresh start using evidence-based treatment methods. 

Call us to learn more about our bundled program or an individualized program. 


Full-Service Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and Detoxification from Opioids in Skokie, IL

Our outpatient program in Skokie, IL. is equipped to handle a large variety of different use disorders that may require detoxification through the use of medically assisted therapy. BSC provides up to Intensive Outpatient Level 2 – On-Site Medication Monitoring and Detoxification. If we are not able to be a match, we can refer a client out to a higher level of care.

We use an integrative approach to evidence-based treatment methods to help every individual that seeks our help at our outpatient drug rehab in Skokie. We accept most insurance plans, both public and private; at this time we do accept public aid through Medicaid, but do not accept Medicare for the services that are provided. If you would like to be a self-pay client please discuss this option during intake!