Substance Abuse treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment in Chicago, IL


At Behavioral Services Center we strive to provide substance abuse treatment in Chicago, IL, to all individuals suffering from; alcoholism, drug addiction, and other addictions by bridging the gap between decades of research and treatment practices. We cater our rehab services to the individual based on many variables to get a fresh start using evidence-based treatment methods.


When treating a substance use disorder at Behavioral Services Center, we address all the symptoms-cognitive, behavioral, and physiological-in an intensive outpatient setting where the patient is actively involved in their every-day life while undergoing treatment and even detox. Our team of psychologists, clinicians, recovery and life coaches work together to help improve the quality of life of the addicted individual and address triggering situations as they arise.

Call us to learn more about our bundled program or an individualized program. We accept most insurance plans.


Full-Service Drug Rehab in Skokie, IL

Our outpatient drug rehab in Skokie, IL. is fully equipped to handle even the most chronic cases of people with substance abuse and addictions. We specialize in alcoholism treatment, opiate or heroin addiction treatment, treatment for cocaine addiction, treatment for marijuana addiction, treatment for pill addiction, and treatment for all other addictions to substances and behaviors.

Any addiction can be addressed at our outpatient drug rehab in Skokie, IL. We offer intensive outpatient (IOP), partial hospitalization (PHP) with safe and sober housing, outpatient detox, and medication management.

When treating a substance abuse problem at our outpatient drug rehab in Skokie, we provide our clients with a team of clinical professionals who use a combination of many evidence-based treatment models to equip our clients with as much knowledge and techniques as possible. Different things work at different times for different people.

We use an integrative approach to evidence-based treatment methods to help every individual that seeks our help at our outpatient drug rehab in Skokie. We accept most insurance plans, both public and private. This includes Medicaid and Medicare at our drug rehab in Skokie.


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