Parenting Skills Services

Behavioral Services Center Parenting Skills Services

Does it ever feel that no matter what you do, your parenting methods do not result in the behaviors and relationship you desire with your children? You may be skipping some critical steps in the parenting process. We can help provide valuable skills that have been empirically found to improve the parenting relationship.  At the Behavioral Services Center you can satisfy all Parenting Skills needs, including satisfying requirements for DCFS, the Department of Human Family Services, and more. 

How do I start services and what does this program require?

The Parenting Skills Program begins with an initial intake evaluation. Once the initial evaluation is complete, the patient may begin Parenting Skills classes once a week for at least 11 weeks. 

Does insurance cover my services?

At Behavioral Services Center, we want our therapy services to be as accessible as possible. To discuss different payment arrangements, please give us a call at (847) 673-8577. We offer discounts for those with low income.