Behavioral Services Center’s Mission Statement

” To achieve full community life for youth and adults with mental health and substance-related disorders – one person at a time. “

Background and History

The Behavioral Services Center began in 2005 as a small psychotherapy/counseling group. Today the organization provides supports and services annually to nearly 2,000 youth and adults with psychiatric disorders (both mental health and substance abuse) and their families. Our programs are designed to support individuals and their families from youth through the senior years.

The Behavioral Services Center supports and services include a range of counseling, medication management, case management, and intensive outpatient programs. The Behavioral Services Center also offers information and referral services and works to educate the community about including people with illnesses and criminal justice.

Direction and Results

The strategic direction and goals included in this plan are in response to what our clients value most about the organization and current opportunities and challenges for offering a high quality system of support in the community for people with a range of mental illnesses.

The five-year period of this strategic plan will be a time of assessing and deepening The Behavioral Services Center’s approaches to its work. Concurrently, The Behavioral Services Center will take more of a leadership role in working with a broader array of community resources.

We will continue to provide and expand model supports for people with mental health illnesses and their families, either directly or through partnerships with or referrals to other service providers.

BSC will continue to develop a stable, highly qualified and motivated workforce that actively delivers the organization’s mission. With any questions or inquiries about the Behavioral Services Center, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you!

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