Sex Addiction

Treatment For Sex and Porn Addiction

Regain a Healthy Relationship With Sex Again

Values of Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction Treatment

At Behavioral Services Center we approach sex addiction and porn addiction with a unique combination of therapeutic methods that have been found to be effective. Sex addiction and porn addiction is very common among substance abusers because they both act on the pleasure center of the brain. Our chemical dependency therapy services offer a sexual addiction component if so desired. We also provide independent therapeutic counseling for individuals who are solely dealing with issues concerning a possible sex addiction and porn addiction.

The goal of sexual addiction treatment and porn addiction treatment is the termination of compulsive, destructive sexual behavior. In treatment we provide education about sex addiction, porn addiction and compulsiveness that clarifies misconceptions about this highly misunderstood set of behaviors. Counseling creates the foundation for the client to explore emotional cues and circumstances that trigger sexual obsessions and compulsive sexual behaviors. Therapy also fosters an opportunity to heal the guilt, shame, anxiety, and depression that is often present with sexual addiction and porn addiction.

Healing from sexual addiction and porn addiction is possible. We tailor our therapy to meet the individual where they are in their addiction, resulting in a helpful and supportive therapeutic environment. This leads the person to regain a healthy relationship with sex and recover intimacy in their personal relationships.