Medication Management

Values of Medication Management
Medication Management Therapy

Sometimes therapy alone may not be sufficient to reach the desired results. The same applies to simply taking medication alone without therapy. That’s why Medication Management Therapy is a way to optimize therapeutic outcomes. At Behavioral Services Center, we offer you the best of both worlds. Our Psychiatrist works closely with our clinical staff to provide our clients with the highest level of care. A Mental Health or substance abuse assessment is needed to receive medication.

At Behavioral Services Center, our primary concern is therapeutic outcomes. It may be difficult to keep track of medications and doses. But it is crucial for a person to take their medications as prescribed, even though sometimes you may feel well enough to not take them. The decision to start or stop taking a medication lies with thorough communication with your prescribing doctor and therapist. You may be feeling better as a result of taking your medication as prescribed. Or feel worse if taking the medication not as prescribed. That’s what medication management therapy is all about. Medication management therapy will help you make an informed decision and improve the outcomes of treatment.

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