Anger Management Classes

Mundelein AM

Anger is typical among human beings. The feeling of being angry isn’t bad, but the way it is portrayed could be. If you feel as if your anger is hurting those around you in a physically or emotionally violent way, Behavioral Services Center is here to help. Our goal is to teach those who are experiencing a tough time managing their anger to express it in a nonviolent and healthy way. There are many reasons why people get angry. There are also many ways to avoid this anger. You can learn to control your anger with the help of the professionals at Behavioral Services Center by partaking in anger management classes in Mundelein, IL.

Our Anger Management classes in Mundelein are held on Mondays from 5PM until 6PM. One can expect to complete anger management classes within 6-weeks if no issues arise. The cost per class is $50, and we offer a sliding scale for low income clients. We can accommodate court-ordered or self-referred clients seeking anger management classes in Mundelein. We also serve the greater Lake county area and surrounding suburbs. Including: Vernon Hills, Inverness, Buffalo Grove, Palatine, Mt. Prospect, Arlington Heights, Hawthorne Woods, Lincolnshire, Riverwoods, Deerfield, Wheeling, Prospect Heights, and Kenilworth.

The Anger Management classes in Mundelein, IL will teach you different coping mechanisms and techniques used to control anger. Anger management group classes combined with therapy sessions will support you to gain back control of your life. Dealing with chronic anger is very unhealthy. It can lead to stress among friends and family members and ultimately have a negative impact on mental health. Some ways to cope with anger is to count to 100, take in deep breaths, practice progressive relaxation techniques, cultivate compassionate communication, and assess the possible consequences of your actions. Listening to music and doing an activity can also help with channeling anger in a constructive way.

The Behavioral Services Center will show you how to communicate your emotions in an effective way and how to avoid feeling so angry when problems arise. There are reasons as to why you may be feeling this way. You could be depressed, anxious, feeling out of control, or it is just a personality trait that you embrace. However, it can be corrected to keep you and your loved ones out of danger. In some cases, the emotion of anger can become violent, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. The anger management classes in Mundelein, IL provided by Behavioral Services Center will train and instruct those who have difficulty controlling their anger to use it, understand it, and control it appropriately.

Call us to sign-up for an upcoming anger management class and/or to receive more information on our anger management classes in Mundelein, IL. Individual therapeutic support for anger management is also available.

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