Elmhurst/Oak Brook Location

Elmhurst Domestic Violence Services

Domestic violence group therapy program helps domestic violence offenders recognize and understand the behaviors and cognitions that lead to domestic violence towards their intimate partners. This program challenges attitudes related to domestic violence such as the justification of violence, the normalization of violence, the belief of male entitlement and oppressive belief systems. At the Behavioral Services Center you can satisfy all Domestic Violence needs, including satisfying requirements for DCFS, the Department of Human Family Services, and more.

How do I start Domestic Violence services and what does the Domestic Violence program require?

The Domestic Violence Treatment Program must begin with an initial intake evaluation. Once the initial evaluation is complete the patient may begin Domestic Violence Treatment Program (Partner Abuse Intervention Program) once a week for 26 weeks. All of our Domestic Violence groups are for Domestic Violence perpetrators. 

Does insurance cover the Domestic Violence services?

At Behavioral Services Center, we want our therapy services to be as accessible as possible. Please give us a call at (847) 673-8577 to discuss your method of payment.  We offer discounts for those with low income.