Urgent Mental Health Counseling Walk-in Center (24-hours ON CALL)

For Urgent Counseling Needs only, the drop-in counseling center is available to people who are in need of resolving urgent but non-emergent situations. All urgent walk-in appointments will be screened to determine urgency at the time of first contact.

If it is determined that a there is a life threatening situation, patients will be referred to an appropriate care facility. If it is determined that a situation is not life-threatening or harming in any way, the patient will be set up for the first available intake assessment. If it is determined that immediate assistance is appropriate at time of first contact, and that BSC is equipped to handle the non-emergent crisis, the client will be seen on the day of first contact.

If you are experiencing mental health or emotional discomfort outside of regular business hours, call us at (847) 673-8577, and you will be connected to a Counselor immediately, who will be happy to meet with you and assist you. There is a $75/hour fee for urgent mental health counseling, and no fee for low-income clients with any Medicaid plan.

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