Become a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC)

The Behavioral Services Center is offering weekend CADC classes specifically designed for working professionals or clinicians who are interested in the CADC certification. Complete the program in less than five months. The Program is accredited by IAODAPCA (Illinois Certification Board – ICB). If you are interested, please contact us 847-673-8577 or at

The Summer, 2017 semester is starting on May 20th and goes until August 5th. If you start in August, you will complete two semesters by December. Check out our webpage for more information about courses, tuition, and to reserve your seat:

  • Total of six classes needed to complete the program
  • Complete the program in two semesters
  • Classes are offered year-round
  • Classes are held once a week, on Saturdays
  • Some Transfer credits can be honored for licensed professionals
  • Additional coursework for MISA certification offered

Click here for more information and to download the application.


CADC Program Description

In 2010, BSC was accredited by the State of Illinois’ Certification Board (IAODAPCA) to provide training and education for prospective students who are interested in obtaining credentials to become certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADC) at the CADC School near Chicago, IL.

At Behavioral Services Center, the cost to attend BSC’s CADC School near Chicago comes to under $100 per credit hour. There is a total of 16 semester credit hours (240 clock hours) of specified course work. This includes up to 300 hours of practicum (internship). Classes are held once a week on Saturday mornings.

The financial and temporal costs associated with obtaining a CADC at BSC’s CADC school near Chicago, per the requirements of the Certification Board(IAODAPCA), are as follows: 16 semester credit hours (240 clock hours) of specified coursework 300 hours of practicum (internship) 1-2 years of paid work experience (depending on level of education completed) BSC’s program ends up costing under $100.00 per credit hour. Both practicum and paid work experience can be gained in-house, working with a diverse population of people.

There are several local institutions of higher learning where a person can go within the state to obtain their CADC. However, the costs and hours are far less feasible for a person getting by on a limited income, while trying to make ends meet and/or attending school. Therefore, BSC offers the right amount of flexibility and opportunity for someone in that situation

Additional coursework is available to obtain MISA licensing.