Psychotherapy, private therapy, counseling in llinois

No matter what type of adversity or discomfort you may by experiencing, we will match you up with one of our experienced clinicians to support and guide you through your hardship. Our clinical team specializes in an individualized approach using interdisciplinary elements of many therapeutic models.
Take the first step to either improve or enhance your quality of life.

There are many reasons why people seek out a psychologist for private therapy. Many times it is to address what may be going wrong in life. However, life is filled with positive and negative moments. Therefore, it is a good idea to seek counseling to enhance the good in one’s life as well.

Aside from psychotherapy, we can accommodate you for assessment and psychological testing needs.

At Behavioral Services Center, we stress the importance of private therapy, even when one is engaged in group therapy. It is so important to address any issues that are pertinent only to you as an individual. Much of the time, it is very difficult to address in a group setting. Furthermore, different methods of psychotherapy work for different people at different times. Our team is very versatile in being able to change therapeutic modalities as needed.

We are in network with most public and private insurance plans, including Medicaid. We also offer a sliding scale to those who are in need and cannot afford counseling.

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