At the Behavioral Services Center, we have multiple drug rehab programs designed for each individual client by a thorough substance abuse evaluation.

Drug rehab Illinois

In our Drug Rehab Services Center in Illinois we offer unique and integrative drug treatment programs. Behavioral Services Center employs a multidisciplinary team of clinicians to provide alcohol and drug treatments for adults and adolescents. Our Alcohol and drug treatment program begins with a clinical evaluation to understand the nature and severity of the problem and prepare an individualized treatment plan. We offer unique empirical approaches to deliver a state-of-the art alcohol and drug treatment plan. Many of our treatment plans in Illinois offer individual and/or diverse group therapy sessions with experienced clinicians. Behavioral Services Center offers multiple different locations for group therapy and contains several clinicians in each location to simplify the experience.

Outpatient drug rehab

Our Behavioral Services Center in Illinois specializes in providing outpatient evidence-based drug rehabilitation for adults and adolescents to get their lives back on track. Our experienced multidisciplinary team of clinicians has a detailed understanding of outpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatments. The clinical approach of the Behavioral Services Center clinicians is to understand each individual’s unique needs and circumstances, so then we could develop a personalized alcohol and drug plan that is perfect for them. Our goal is to understand and treat the underlying causes of one’s substance abuse through evaluation and then by applying an integrative  plan. So call to us!

Drug treatment Illinois

The Behavioral Services Center’s integrative outpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation program located in Illinois offers state-of-the art substance abuse treatment. Our innovative and unifying drug rehabilitation treatment provides our Illinois and out-of-state patients with a variety of clinical services and treatment options. The Behavioral Services Center offers evidence-based substance abuse clinical services to form an extensive rehabilitation experience in Illinois. The Behavioral Services Center’s substance abuse rehabilitation program offers holistic and traditional treatment options for diverse Illinois and out-of-state clients. To help ensure a successful outcome for our patients through the clinical aspect of drug rehabilitation, we offer traditional treatment methods like individual and group counseling, family therapy, anger management, 12-step education, medication management, and relapse prevention in combination with mindfulness, meditations, and Virtual Reality.

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