Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Classes and Help

Behavioral Services Center can help victims of domestic violence as well as treat domestic violence offenders through our domestic violence classes and therapy. Domestic violence classes and therapy helps domestic violence offenders recognize and understand the behaviors that lead to violence towards their counterparts. This program challenges attitudes such as the justification of violence, the normalization of violence, the belief of male entitlement and oppressive belief systems.

The clinical team of certified PAIP professionals understand the cycle of domestic violence. Perpetrators are assisted in developing strategies to modify behaviors that lead to domestic violence. The domestic violence program is a 26-week licensed program to treat both court ordered and self-referred clients who want to stop the abusive patterns.

We serve all ethnicities and races, including women perpetrators and assist victims in getting the help they need to get out. Most insurances accepted. For PAIP group times and additional information by location click on Skokie, Elmhurst, Chicago, Mundelein, and Gurnee, or call (847) 877-2440