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Raising a child can be a very challenging task. It is important to establish a good and stable relationship with your child while they are at their very crucial stages of development. Our parenting classes in Mundelein, IL are designed to collaborate with, guide, support, and advise parents through counseling and relaying information that is based on the latest research and evidence about the most effective parenting strategies.


The professionals at Behavioral Services Center have trained specialists in this specific area, and we want to help as much as we can. Parenting can be a difficult task, and attending parenting classes in Mundelein, IL can aid with the stressors that accompany parenthood. The emotional well-being of a parent greatly influences the way a child develops. If you combine parenting classes in Mundelein, IL with counseling, it will help you as a parent remain  healthy, and ultimately this will provide a better environment for the child.


Parenting classes in Mundelein, IL are held once a week,  and span a total of 11-weeks. Appointments are set on an individual basis, and the cost is $75 per session. Sliding scale and group discounts are available. We are in network with most insurance plans, both private and public. We would be happy to help you verify your insurance benefits to see if counseling, and parenting classes in Mundelein, IL are covered.


The issues addressed when one is engaged in parenting classes and counseling, involve learning how to communicate with your child and knowing how to react in an appropriate way. Also, by attending parenting classes in Mundelein, you will be introduced to strategies that will help you become more involved in your child’s life, and recognize and deal with stress in a positive way. Finally, you will be informed on how to keep a consistent and stable living environment for yourself and your child. It is important to note the different problems that arise from becoming a parent. The difficulties one faces as a parent, can result in anxiety and depression among other problems, like sleeping problems. By taking action in your life and your child’s life, and becoming aware when you need a little extra support to become the best parent you can be for yourself and your child, is one of the more honest and responsible decisions a person can make. You will complete our parenting classes in Mundelein, IL understanding how to control emotions and diminish the stress in your life, all while being a good and effective parent. You are not only in charge of your life, but your child’s life as well.


Call and sign up for counseling and parenting classes in Mundelein, IL at Behavioral Services Center.


We service the greater Lake County area, and we can accommodate those in need of court mandated parenting classes.

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