Parenting Classes

Behavioral Services Center Parenting Classes Serve Both Court-Ordered and Self-Referred Parents.

Ever wonder why your child continues to misbehave, no matter what you do? You may be skipping some critical steps in parenting. We can help provide valuable skills that have been empirically found to improve the parenting relationship.

 Parents face so many challenges to raising children especially in today’s society!  That’s why at Behavioral Health Services we provide a variety of simple and effective strategies for parenting children birth to adulthood.

 In our parenting classes we are covering the following topics for prospective and existing parents.

Week 1: Personal Experiences

Week 2:  Stages of Development

Week 3: Supportive Parenting and Cultural Diversity

Week 4: Discipline vs. Punishment

Week 5: Effective Coping Skills for Parents and Children

Week 6: Dealing with feelings of shame and guilt

Week 7: Dealing with Anger Yours and Theirs

Week 8: Helping Children to Identify and Express Feelings

Week 9: Teaching Effective Social Skills

Week 10: Understanding Family Roles

Week 11: Dealing with Sibling Conflict

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