Infusion Therapy

Therapeutic IV Infusion Therapy

Most people have probably never heard of this new trend in medicine, but here at BSC, we pride ourseldoctorves on providing clients the best and most up to date services! The process to sign up is also incredibly simple, just call our main office, schedule a date, and come to our Skokie location, conveniently located near the CTA Yellow Line.

IV treatment is the process of infusing your bloodstream with vitamins, natural ingredients, and other minerals with the care of a licensed medical professional. We can offer you individualized therapies that can make you more healthy, cleanse your system, help with gaining back energy; the possibilities are endless!

Example Menu (Subject to Change)

  • Detox IV – for a keeping your body and mind, well kept!
  • Fatigue IV – for the person who just can’t seem to get enough energy. We infuse a proprietary formula of Vitamin B12 and other ingredients to help hydration and potassium levels.
  • Headache – we can provide hydration and a mixture of other vitamins that have been studied to reduce pain and the severity of both a headache and migraine.
  • Jet Lag – if you travel often, chances are that you have had a rough night or two; not getting adequate sleep or a time to eat healthily. With this mixture, we help you recover quickly and become ready for the day ahead!

These are a sampling of some of the offerings that we will be having. As we develop the clinical care center, we hope to keep you informed, with a start date within this month!

As always, please consult a physician prior to trying any treatment that you believe may affect your health. If you are under the age of 18, we cannot provide services for you at this time.

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